About Us

The Glasgow Pest Control Co. operates out of the city itself and the surrounding areas. With over twenty years of experience, certification from all relevant governing bodies, and a number of well-trained and locally-based technicians, there is no better answer to your pest problems.

We thoroughly believe that the only way to deliver a five-star pest control service is to develop a unique strategy for each job that we come across. Our technicians or sales representatives will take into account all of the variables and circumstances involved and deal with them appropriately.

Free-of-Charge Surveys

We believe in full transparency, and we do not want to pressure you into work that has not yet been detailed or priced. Our technicians or sales representatives will carry out a cost-free and zero-obligation survey of your pest problem prior to starting work.

This survey serves two purposes. Firstly, it means our personnel can come up with an effective plan. Secondly, it allows us to give you an idea of what we plan to do and how much it will cost. If you do choose to move forward, it means we can get to work without delay.

Reliable Services

Our philosophy is to place effective results and customer satisfaction first. This means using only the techniques that we know to work best; we are not going to try and upsell you expensive and technologically advanced products which are almost entirely untested.

When we develop your unique strategy, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we only use methods and equipment that we know to provide fantastic results. Having worked with so many different products over the years, we have amassed an arsenal of the finest, and safest, pest control chemicals and tools.

Thorough Results

When it comes to pest control, if a job is not carried out comprehensively then the few surviving insects, rodents, or birds will simply replenish the population. Although many people do, it is not enough to merely install a few traps around a property before leaving.

For most pest problems we will carry out multiple visits. On our initial visit, we will carry out a survey and use our knowledge of pest species to install the necessary measures. We will then revisit in order to monitor progress as many times as is necessary.

Fully Accredited

The British government takes animal welfare and the preservation of wildlife very seriously in comparison to many other countries. For example, it is illegal to kill birds if a very stringent set of circumstances are now met. Additionally, certain chemicals and equipment are banned.

Our organisation is a trading style of Pest Solutions and as such is recognised by the BPCA, CEPA, and all other relevant governing bodies.

Get in Touch

For a rapid response to your pest problem from our pest control Glasgow team, call us today on 0131 322 1291 for a FREE Survey or advice.

Alternatively, fill in our contact form, and one of our sales representatives will be in touch as soon as possible.