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Pest control should be a priority for any responsible business owner. Regardless of whether you operate a small office, a large manufacturing facility, or anything in between, there are always unwelcome pests looking to take shelter and find food inside.

Keeping these intruders under control is essential for three main reasons:

  • Preventing structural and stock damage
  • Health and safety reasons
  • Maintaining your good reputation

Many people find it difficult to justify paying for pest control, but it is significantly more cost-effective than paying for individual repair bills or covering the cost of the damaged stock. Prevention is always better.

Furthermore, in many lines of work, a strict zero-tolerance policy for pests is in place – you may be forced to stop trading without protection.

Whenever a pest problem arises in your business, or if you want to organise contractual protection, give our commercial pest control Glasgow office on 0141 471 9255.

Contractual Work

It can be difficult to put money aside for pest control when you are dealing with problems separately whenever they arise. Because it is not possible to accurately predict when cockroaches, for example, are going to strike, you cannot budget for it.

Unexpected bills can cause significant and crippling problems within businesses when cash flow is not as fluid as usual. However, there is no getting away from the fact that it is an essential expense. In restaurants or warehouses, where pest control is a constant threat, this will make bills skyrocket.

Our contractual work offers a practical and affordable solution for commercial properties. By establishing an agreement with our commercial pest control Glasgow office, you can budget more efficiently with a fixed monthly fee.

Our contracts will deliver;

  • Four scheduled visits every quarter.
  • Multiple free callouts from technicians.
  • Routine maintenance at no additional cost.

To discuss how one of our contracts can benefit your business, get in touch with our pest control Edinburgh office today to get started setting one up.

Restaurants and Cafes

Food establishments such as restaurants and cafes are a favourite target for opportunistic pest species. Not only is there plenty of food in storage, but spills and debris make for a quick meal for many insects, birds, and rodents.

Through proper care and attention when it comes to storing food and cleaning up spillages, you can reduce the risk of infestation. Nonetheless, all commercial food premises still require additional care from our commercial pest control Glasgow team.

In the absence of professional help, your company will be at serious risk of becoming a health and safety hazard for customers. The amount of stock damaged by pests can also cost tremendous amounts of money to replace.

Our commercial pest control Glasgow technicians are only a phone call away and can be at your property within a matter of hours when a situation arises.

Factories and Warehouses

In order to survive, and indeed thrive, pests only require two basic things; food and shelter. Because of this, our commercial pest control Glasgow technicians carry out a lot of work in warehouses and factories, where pests can find both of these things with many places to hide from human activity.

Additionally, all pests have different attributes and habits, which means they can have an adverse effect on various aspects of your business.

To begin with, many pests can cause structural problems within a building. Rodents will gnaw on various parts of the building and electrical wires, which can lead to broken machinery and even present a fire risk. Birds, on the other hand, will force their way inside a building creating new entranceways for other birds and pests.

Additionally, all pests present a health and safety risk to various degrees. For example, cockroaches will produce a strong scent which many people can take a reaction to and birds will leave around infectious nest debris and guano. Any staff or customers which are exposed to pest contagions are at risk, and it is vital you acquire the services of our pest control Edinburgh technicians to address them.

Pests can also cause tremendous amounts of stock damage. Rodents, for example, will quickly tear apart packaging making it unfit for sale. They will also contaminate food stock with their urine and faeces, making it unsuitable for human consumption meaning it will need to be replaced.

Regardless of how big your facility is, our locally-based commercial pest control Glasgow technicians have the equipment and experience required to deal with the problem quickly, comprehensively, and effectively. We will help you to avoid health and safety issues and save money in repairs and stock replacement.

Local and Reliable Service

Pest control is vital, and you need to know you are working with a company you can trust. Our commercial pest control Glasgow technicians provide consistently dependable results.

By making sure that pests are always kept under control through our thorough and practised pest control techniques, we will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum allowing you to continue trading normally increasing your bottom line and preserving your reputation.

In order to make sure that we always provide the same comprehensive and conclusive results, our sales representatives will always develop a bespoke plan to accommodate your businesses’ particular needs and requirements. This is the only way to deal with pests – a one-fits-all policy will is not reliably adequate.

Furthermore, our commercial pest control Glasgow technicians are armed with the finest industry-leading pest control equipment which will allow us to carry out our work in the most efficient manner possible. From dealing with elusive and robust insects to successfully protecting a structure from roosting birds, when you deal with us, you can be sure we will use the most effective chemicals, tools, and materials.

Our commercial pest control Glasgow team are BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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