Are Gull Populations on the Rise?

Gulls in the UK, informally referred to as ‘seagulls’, are becoming an increasingly bothersome nuisance and are under increasing media attention. It seems like they are everywhere, and papers often print stories about stolen food and attacks on pets and people.

The question remains, how accurate are these stories and are populations actually on the rise? In this blog post, we will attempt to resolve this mystery.

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Are UK Gull Populations Rising?

The evidence suggests that gull populations have increased massively in recent years. In fact, over the last fifteen years or so, research suggests that urban ‘seagull’ populations have increased by as much as four times.

Are UK Gull Populations Rising?

In 1999, a national survey was launched in order to determine the status of every breeding seabird in the UK and Ireland. This was known as Seabird 2000 and is the third national census for birds which has taken place in this country.

Over the course of the survey, it was determined that there were 239 active gull colonies throughout the country. Fast forward to now, and every last one of these colonies is still in existence, along with 234 new ones; in short, the colonies have near doubled.

However, this does not paint the entire picture. The populations within these colonies have as much as doubled, with many quadrupling over this 15 year or so period.

Are Gulls Becoming More Aggressive?

The media is often in a frenzy over the behaviour of gulls around the country. They are known for being crafty, opportunistic, and frankly antisocial. However, is it true that gulls are becoming increasingly aggressive?

The answer is likely no, and the increased ‘attacks’ and thefts are down to other reasons. For example, if the population has increased by four times, you would naturally expect the number of incidents to rise by the same degree.

Additionally, as time passes gulls will become increasingly confident around humans. We are, generally speaking, not a threat. As gulls continue to learn and adapt to this, they will behave in a bolder manner around us.

However, gull attacks can go over and above the cheeky stealing of some takeaway food. Gulls will aggressively defend their young and have trouble judging distance which means they often mistake humans as a threat.

Swooping is common, and many people during the breeding season will find themselves being divebombed by gulls while innocently walking along the street.

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Why Are Urban Gulls so Successful?

Gulls are very well-suited to urban living, and they enjoy many more advantages over their rural counterparts who have declining populations due to a harsher environment. At this stage, the urban and rural colonies are almost entirely isolated from each other.

Are UK Gull Populations Rising?

Due to a phenomenon which is known as the urban heat island effect, temperatures in urban environments like towns and cities can be anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees Celsius warmer. This is largely due to the fact that we surface our ground.

This increased temperature not only makes it easier for gulls to survive Winter but also means that their breeding season is extended by weeks.

Additionally, in our towns and cities, there are almost zero predators, meaning they do not have a particularly tough time surviving. Furthermore, street lighting means that they can forage round-the-clock without having to stop when it gets dark.

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With skyrocketing populations, gull control in the United Kingdom has never been more important than it is now. Although numbers have increased by as much as four times, we still have many effective techniques available to us in order to protect your property.

Firstly, we have proofing techniques, which can make it difficult for gulls to settle and nest upon your property.

Moreover, we can employ an egg replacement programme which will gradually reduce their population. This will encourage the gulls to move on and will also ensure they are less aggressive as they will not have any young to protect.

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