Bird Control – Prevention vs Cure

There are two processes involved in bird control. One is clearing away or dealing with birds which are already on the property, while the other involves stopping birds from ever settling in the first place.

In this blog, we will argue that making sure that birds never become a problem in the first place is significantly more cost-effective, and then outline some of the methods at our disposal.

Prevention vs Cure

There are many quick and simple ways to get birds to flee from a property. You could, for example, create a very loud noise like a shotgun blast and all pest birds in the area will flee. However, quite quickly, they will return to the area.

You could also employ something more sophisticated such as bio-acoustic scaring, or even falconry. However, these processes either diminish in effectiveness or continue to be effective while racking up huge bills.

These processes are vital, and will always have their place, but with proper proofing, you can protect your property without the ongoing cots of these deterrent processes.

While in many cases, such as airports or sporting arenas, these may always be essential regardless of the proofing methods involved. However, in most cases, traditional proofing techniques will be more than ample to control the population.

Proofing Techniques

There are a number of proofing techniques which we regularly employ to stop birds from being able to land and settle upon your property. We have three main methods, all of which have their own unique set of attributes to make then specialised for specific situations.

Proofing Techniques

Netting involves using a robust nylon mesh to stop pest birds from accessing a particular part of your property. The process is simple, and as you would imagine; birds fly up to the netting, can’t find a way through, and fly off elsewhere.

The mesh is subtle, which means it is not an eyesore. Anyone viewing it from even a few metres away will not notice it without looking for it. Additionally, it is robust and will last 5 years at minimum, but realistically up to 10 years or more.

Wiring, on the other hand, stops birds from landing. It involves installing metal posts at even distances and then running strong stainless-steel wire between them.

It can be used in two ways; it can either run along the edge of a building, preventing birds from roosting there, or it can be used to cover a large surface area with relatively few resources.

The latter process involves running several rows of metal posts across a large surface. Stainless-steel wire can then be used to connect these posts.

Lastly, we also have the option of using spiking. These blunt metal prongs attached to a hard-wearing UV-stabilised plastic base will stop birds from landing without harming them.

The base of the spiking can be cut to any length making it an ideal solution for a number of problems. For example, small surfaces like CCTV cameras can be entirely protected by metal prongs. Additionally, the base is curved, meaning it can be sued to protect a circular window.

Population Management Techniques

The proofing methods mentioned are only effective if the bird population is not already present on your property. If birds have already settled, we will need to disperse them first.

Population Management Techniques

One method of doing so is through bio-acoustic scaring. By playing the distress calls of a particular species, or playing the call of a predatory bird, we can cause entire populations to disperse. However, birds will eventually acclimatise to the sound, meaning proofing must be installed or the audio programme must be regularly altered.

We can also use falconry to move a population on. By employing a trained bird of prey, we can get it to patrol an area, scaring any present birds into moving elsewhere temporarily. Naturally, this isn’t a permanent solution, but it can prove to be very effective.

Lastly, we can employ a laser deterrent system. Because birds treat lasers as physical things coming towards them, they will instinctively flee. By setting up a pre-programmed sequence of movements, we can get a laser deterrent system to scan an area, forcing birds to flee.

Again, these effects will not last forever, and we must either change the programme or install proofing techniques in the meantime.

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