Cockroaches, Nuclear War, and How We Deal with Them!

It is often stated that cockroaches will inherit the earth in the event of nuclear war. Although this is a very loaded statement, there is a potential truth to it. In this blog, we will look at just how robust cockroaches are, and how we use their own habits against them to tackle them.

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Can a Cockroach Survive a Nuclear Explosion?

The short answer is no; a cockroach cannot survive a nuclear explosion. That is to say, they will not withstand the heat and force exerted by a nuclear blast. However, they may well survive the resulting radiation if they are sheltered from the initial explosion.

Can a Cockroach Survive a Nuclear Explosion?

However, clearly, cockroaches are tough. For a start, they have been around since the Jurassic era, approximately 200,000,000 years ago. This means they were robust enough to survive the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. However, so were some of our ancestors.

In order to test the nuclear hypothesis, the Discovery channel exposed some German cockroaches to some extremely radioactive cobalt metal. To begin with, they exposed the insects to a dose of 1000 radon units, which would kill us in ten minutes. They survived.

Afterwards, they increased the levels to 10,000 radon units, around the same found at the blast site after the Hiroshima atomic bomb was dropped. They were absolutely fine.

After multiplying the dosage to 100,000 radon units, the cockroaches finally succumbed to the effects.

As can be seen, so long as cockroaches found shelter from the initial blast, they would have very little trouble surviving the after-effects of nuclear war!

How Do We Deal with Cockroaches?

Luckily, we do not have to resort to nuclear blasts in order to tackle a cockroach infestation. Instead, we use a much more sophisticated, targeted, and tactical technique.

One of the most significant problems when it comes to dealing with cockroaches is their tendency to hide in crawlspaces along with other nooks and crannies. In order to treat them directly with an insecticide, we would need unrestricted access.

To achieve this, we would have to knock down walls or lift up floorboards in order to reach them. This is a problem due to the incredible amounts of disruption it would cause. Instead, we use a method which is much more innovative and takes advantage of their behaviour.

How Do We Deal with Cockroaches?

Roaches will happily consume their own dead. They are not at all discriminative when it comes to food sources. However, this can also be their downfall.

By using a slow-acting poison bait, the cockroaches will be able to travel a fair distance before dying from the effects. This means that they will likely head back to their hideout, either within a wall or behind some appliance.

Other roaches will then consume them, consuming the residual poison inside the insect. This cockroach will then also perish in what is knows as a ‘secondary poisoning event’. This process will continue, spreading the poison throughout the infestation like a virus.

By using the roaches themselves to transport the chemical, we will cause minimal disruption while achieving the most efficient results.

Do You Have a Cockroach Problem?

Cockroaches are tough – nuclear holocaust tough. Nonetheless, using the right equipment and expertise, we can quickly eradicate the infestation from your home or commercial property.

It is vital that thorough results are ensured when dealing with cockroaches. If just one breeding pair are allowed to survive, then it is only a matter of time before the same problem simply kicks off again.

Our technicians will visit your property multiple times in order to make sure that the results are comprehensive and that all debris from the pest control process is cleared up upon completion. By the time we are finished, we won’t leave one sign of the procedure.

Additionally, we can employ traps in order to monitor roach activity. Because cockroaches are so subtle and spent so much time hidden away, traps will help us to get an idea of how many insects are still active in the property, if any.

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