Dealing with Ant Infestations in Your Property

In the UK we are getting to Spring which means temperatures are rising. As a result, you’ll start to see some new species appearing around your property that you wouldn’t have seen in winter. Ants are a widespread example of a warm weather species.

Ants are easily dealt with, however, provided you deal with technicians with adequate expertise and equipment. With this in mind, give Glasgow Pest Control Co. a call the next time you require help with ants or any other pest species on 0141 471 9255.

Are Pest Ants an Issue?

Ant colonies are incredibly advanced, and their cooperation and industrial nature mean they can quickly become a significant issue within your home or business. Some species are attracted to more niche types of sustenance, but the vast majority go for sugary foods.

Are Pest Ants an Issue?

Ants communicate quickly and effectively as a colony. One scout coming across an attractive food source within your home will promptly multiply until there are hundreds of ants coming back and forth between your property and their nest.

These ants will keep up this continuous line until the food is finished off completely. However, they won’t necessarily disappear at this stage; they have learned there is food available in your property and will stick around in hope for more.

Ants aren’t associated with any diseases in particular, but they are still at risk of dragging bacteria and other contagions back into the house with them from outdoors and their nests etc. As a result, they will need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are incredibly hardy, and in order to deal with the ants you do see, you need to handle the one you do not. Although there are various means of reducing the population or ‘slowing’ their progress, it is unlikely you will get rid of them alone.

The queen is the specific ant you need to kill as she is responsible for all young production. However, they only surface at a very specific time of the year. Otherwise, they remain safely hidden within the tunnels of their nest.

You will find a lot of information online about supposed ‘super-effective’ homemade recipes, but the truth is if any of these worked, we would be utilising them. By all means, take out as much of the population as you can, but these workers will just be replaced!

Glasgow Pest Control Co. Ant Control

When it comes to conclusively putting an end to ant infestations, there are two main choices. The first thing our technicians try is to find the ant colony itself which can be done by tracking back from the stream of ants and looking for signs of nesting activity.

If our technician is successful in locating the precise location of the nest, then a generous application of insecticide will deal with the population, including the vital queen.

Having said that, it isn’t always possible for us to locate an ant nest. Even if we have a good idea of where it is, it might not be immediately possible. When this happens, we have another useful tactic that makes the ants do the hard work for us.

The food that ants find is taken back to the nest and left in stores to be eaten by the colony, including the queen. By leaving out insecticide ant bait, we can make sure they fill their nest with poison that will eventually wipe them out.

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