Gull Populations and Egg Replacement

British gulls are by no means under threat. In fact, over the last few decades, their numbers have been snowballing throughout the urban environments in this country. There are very few natural forces that will limit their growth.

However, we do have one important technique at our disposal to reduce the population on your property. In this blog, we will outline this process.

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What Does Egg Replacement Involve?

The process of egg replacement is precisely as it sounds; limiting the growth of gull colonies by removing eggs which are set to hatch. Although the precise method of how we get this done can vary, the end result is the same.

What Does Egg Replacement Involve?

Plastic dummy eggs are one option. We can remove real gull eggs from the nest and swap them with plastic ones. These replica eggs look incredibly close to the originals, and the gulls will not notice the difference.

Another option is to make sure the genuine gull eggs do not hatch. This involves dipping the egg in oil that will sterilise the egg.

Why Are Replacement Techniques so Useful?

In a major part due to British law, egg replacement programmes are essential for a wide variety of reasons.

The first thing to consider is that British wildlife regulations are some of the strictest in the world. Poisonous baits that we would use on other pests are illegal and getting a license to shoot a gull is very rare indeed. As a result, we need an alternative way to control populations.

Instead of killing adult gulls, we can deal with the eggs instead which pre-emptively limits population growth while remaining both ethical and legal.

An added bonus of this technique is that gull populations will be significantly calmer as they will not aggressively defend their young. Most instances of swooping come as a response to gulls perceiving humans as a threat to their young. With no young to protect, the aggression will be reduced.

The problem of swooping is made worse by the fact that gulls have incredibly poor depth perception. As a result, gulls with young will regularly attack pedestrians who are simply walking by blissfully unaware that there is a nearby rooftop nest.

We can limit this behaviour by taking away the eggs in order to ensure that they never have any young. This means that they will stay calm, without feeling the need to defend their babies aggressively.

At the end of the season, the gulls will give up on their clutch and will likely abandon the nest entirely to move on elsewhere.

Egg Replacement with Glasgow Pest Control Co.

At Glasgow Pest Control Co., our technicians will carry out the replacement work over several visits. After the work has been completed successfully, they will return at the end of the breeding season and remove the nest from the rooftop.

Egg Replacement with Glasgow Pest Control Co.

This is a vital stage that many less thorough companies will skip. One obvious benefit as it helps to keep your property cleaner and tidier generally, but it also means that if the gulls return the following year (which is very common), they will not automatically have a home.

Be wary of any company that does not offer multi-visit programmes; they are trying to cut corners, and this mindset will likely show in the rest of their work.

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