How to Tell If You Have a Rodent Problem

It is winter and rodent activity is at its annual high within your home. However, it isn’t unusual for people to become aware of an infestation without ever seeing a rat or mouse in the flesh. The question remains, however, how do you know?

In this blog, we are going to outline how you can identify rat and mouse activity even if you don’t see the animals themselves running around your home.

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Signs of Rodent Infestations

Here are a few key ways you might confirm rodent activity within your home:

  • The appearance of droppings
  • Gnaw marks on wood, plastic, and stripped wires
  • Noises within crawlspaces or walls
  • Greasy or grubby marks on walls
  • Footprints
  • Nesting activity

Signs of Rodent Infestations

Rat and Mouse Droppings

One of the most common signs that rodents are active within your property are the droppings they leave behind. In fact, by studying them a bit more closely, you can determine whether or not the animals present in your home are mice or rats:

  • Mice: Mouse droppings are tiny, often smaller than a grain of rice with pointy ends.
  • Rats: Rat droppings are much bigger and fatter with more blunt/rounded ends.

If you find a lot of droppings in one area, it is a sign that this is an area of very high activity; this is something our technicians will keep in mind when placing traps and bait stations.

Tooth Marks and Wire Stripping

Rodents gnaw on objects for two reasons; they are either trying to make an opening to get to food or shelter or are trying to grind down their ever-growing teeth.

You might find that wooden objects around your home have been gnawed upon, or there might be evidence that cardboard boxes full of grains and other attractive foods have been bitten in order to create an access hole.

Rodents also have a tendency to strip electrical wires. This won’t just break equipment but can even cause house fires. Stay vigilant.


Many people are particularly unnerved by the noises rats and mice can make. If you feel scampering, squeaking, or general movement within a crawlspace or drywall, there is a good chance rodents have made their home within your property.

If you do hear anything try and locate it as precisely as you can and inform our technicians when they arrive at your property.

Also, do not be alarmed; it should not affect your sleep. Mice and rats are skittish creatures and have no interest in coming anywhere near you while you are in bed!

Greasy/Dirty Smudges

Rats and mice spend a lot of their time in grimy and dirty environments. Although they will clean themselves, their coats are often covered in oils and debris.

If you see any greasy or dirty marks smudged across walls or upon surfaces, then a rodent may well be responsible. Naturally, it is worth asking other members in the household if they know where it came from, but it is typically quite clear when a rodent was the cause.


Rats and, especially, mice are very light on their feet. However, they will still leave footprints when stepping on dusty surfaces and floors, coincidentally a likely occurrence considering where they spend their time.

If you can see small footprints in crawlspaces and other dusty surfaces in and around your home, it is most likely that some form of rodent left the trail.

Nesting Activity

Rodents don’t have the warmest coats in the world. They do a decent job, but they aren’t particularly thick or long. As a result, they have to borrow human materials from time to time to make a warm nest.

If you find any nesting materials around your home or find textiles from clothing and furniture, or indeed insulation, ripped away, then it is likely that a mouse or rat took it to build a warm home.

Get in Touch

If you suspect that rodents might have infested your home, it is vital you pursue professional help as soon as possible. Not only can they do significant damage, but they carry a wide array of contagions.

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