Preventing Rodent Infestations During Cold Weather

Temperatures around Scotland are starting to drop again and that means rodents will be keener than ever to find refuge within your home.

However, there are many steps that you can take in order to reduce the chance that they settle within your home. We will go over some tactics you can employ in this blog.

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Keep Your Property Clean and Tidy

Maintaining an environment that is not only clean but also tidy is vital when it comes to making your property unattractive to rodent populations.

Keep Your Property Clean and Tidy

Firstly, any spilt food or dirty dishes which are left around your property will provide a nutritious meal for all pests, including rats and mice. This is enough to feed the rodents allowing them to stick around on your property with a full stomach, rather than having to move on for food.

Make sure that all of your dirty dishes are cleaned as quickly as possible or, if you can’t quite manage to get to them yet, placed in an area which is slightly more out of the way like a countertop.

Additionally, untidy environments can present an attractive settling spot for rodents even if there is no food residue present. This is because they feel safe from predators as there are plenty of objects to lurk behind and hide within.

Wide open locations leave them feeling exposed and they will not look upon them favourably, encouraging them to move on elsewhere.

Also, it is vital to keep in mind that although poor sanitation will certainly attract rodents, cleaning up won’t get rid of them by itself.

Address Potential Entranceways

It is difficult to fill in each and every potential entrance that mice and rats can exploit in order to access your property. For example, a mouse can squeeze through a space the size of a five-pence-piece which makes them very tricky to deal with.

However, naturally reducing the number of gaps and spaces in the outside of your building’s exterior will help to minimise the chance a pest will find a way in.

Our technicians have many decades of experience between them and know the most common ways that pests will enter a property and are trained to spot potential weaknesses in walls, roofs, and doors.

Our technicians can survey your property and highlight any high-risk locations. The usual hot spots are gaps in doorways, spaces between roof tiles, and windows.

We are happy to carry out proofing work on your property where possible and using various filler materials or meshes we can provide significant protection for your property.

The Misconception with Cats

Many people believe that having a cat is enough to put off mice and rats from every settling within your property. However, this is a bit of a misconception, and will not provide comprehensive defence against the invasive pests.

The Misconception with Cats

There is no doubt that owning a cat will have an influence, but you need to keep in mind that cats can’t get to a lot of places that rodents reside. For example, they will not get into crawl spaces, in drywall, or in lofts or basements.

As a result, although cats can kill and scare rodents which make the mistake of running around in your living spaces, they won’t provide comprehensive protection for the entire household.

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