The Glasgow Pest Control Co. Bed Bug Guide

We find that our clients are generally much more stressed about biting insects in comparison to birds or rodents. This is not surprising; these insects will actively try to be near you rather than attempting to stay well clear.

Fleas and bed bugs are the two major biting insects in the UK, yet many people have trouble telling them apart. In this article, we will give some information on how you can identify bed bugs along with some additional information on our treatment programme.

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Identifying Bug Bites

The presence of bed bugs can be confirmed either by inspecting the bites or insects themselves:

Bites – Bed bug bites tend to resemble regular bug bites in that they are reasonably indistinguishable red blemishes. However, they tend to appear in a particular pattern in a specific location; you will usually see three bits in a triangular formation on the upper torso.

They bite here because they track humans through the CO2 they produce. This tends to fall down across the chest due to the nature of our breathing. Although the bites might be irritated or itchy, they are typically otherwise harmless.

However, we would add that it is essential you do everything you can not to scratch them as infection, as with any wound, can follow.

Appearance – Bed bugs change physically whenever they take a blood meal. Before they eat, they are around the size of an apple pip and have a flat elongated brown body. However, when bed bugs feed they have more of a red appearance due to the blood shining through.

Dealing with Bed Bugs

The first thing to note is that you should try not to maintain your normal behaviour as much as possible. Although it might seem logical just to move away from your usual sleeping place, this will only serve to spread the infestation.

Moreover, disposing of any furniture or bedding which the bed bugs have invaded will likely only make the problem worse for you and your neighbours. This is especially true if you live in a block of flats, as the bed bugs can quickly spread to every other home in the building.

Dealing with Bed Bugs

In order to tackle the infestation, our technicians will apply a residual insecticide, leaving fresh applications over a number of visits to your residence.

These visits are essential as we need to make sure there is no risk that any member or egg is left alive as even a few examples will be able to start a new infestation.

Despite what you might assume, the residual insecticide we utilise will not mean you have to leave your home while we carry out the treatment.

Can Bed Bugs Spread Disease?

Although it might seem evident that bed bugs can spread disease as there is blood involved, you can rest assured that the CDC maintains that no known cases of infection in humans from another human has been attributed to bed bug activity.

While the CDC is certainly an authority on this matter and has much more experience than us, we can also confirm that in all of the bed bug infestations we have been involved in, none of our clients is thought to have contracted a disease.

Having said that, many people take allergic reactions to bed bug bites as a result of the various chemicals they inject to cover their tracks. Although these are unlikely to be dangerous, repeat cases of multiple bites may eventually require medical attention.

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Bed bugs are incredibly unpleasant, and the distress they can induce is perfectly understandable. Because they invade your bed and disrupt your sleeping pattern, the fact they are unlikely to cause you real medical harm of is only of little consolation.

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