The Importance of Cleaning up Bird Droppings

One of the biggest problems that pest birds cause when they settle on your property is their tendency to produce large amounts of excrement. This is not only unsightly but can generate a number of other issues that people might be unprepared for.

In this blog, we will outline why the build-up of droppings is such a critical issue, as well as why cleaning them up goes beyond being unpleasant to downright dangerous.

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Why You Need to Address Bird Droppings

Bird droppings cause two main issues;

  • The uric acid within bird droppings will cause aesthetic and structural damage.
  • Bird droppings contain a considerable number of contagions.

Why You Need to Address Bird Droppings

The Effects of Bird Dropping Acid

Bird droppings are composed of both faeces and urine. This means that although it might seem like the excrement is solid, it is also highly concentrated with uric acid.

The uric acid is incredibly concentrated, which means it will begin to corrode any surface it lies upon. At best, it will land on cars and other forms of painted metal and dull their paint job. At worst, it will lie upon a flat metal roof and reduce its lifespan by 50%.

Property managers throughout the world will know precisely just how damaging this substance can be, and it is vital that you have it addressed consistently so as not to allow it to fester and do an exponential amount of damage.

Bird Droppings and Disease

Bird droppings hold a dangerous array of various contagions that can have a drastic effect on human health. What follows are a few of the most dangerous ones:

  • Psittacosis – This is often termed ‘parrot fever’. Symptoms can start to show anywhere from 1-3 weeks after inhalation and can cause headaches, abdominal pain, and diarrhoea.
  • Salmonella – This is caused by bacteria on the faeces, generally after it has infected food or water. This is incredibly serious and will show symptoms in as little as half a day.
  • Histoplasmosis – This is a fungal infection that can be carried by avian fouling. Another unpleasant disease that can carry a wide array of varied symptoms.

These are only three of the many diseases that can be contracted. Not only can the droppings release contagions into the air when disturbed, but they can also infect food stores and water tanks.

It is also worth noting that guano is only one way in which birds can transfer disease to human beings; they can do the same through direct contact or even nesting material.

Our technicians are always on-hand to come in and clear up infectious guano, although keep in mind that bird control will also be required to make sure the problem does not happen again.

Dealing with Droppings Responsibly

As mentioned, bird droppings are not safe to be around. Disturbing them at all can release a dangerous cloud of infectious material into the air that will be a severe problem should anyone breathe it in.

Dealing with Droppings Responsibly

With this in mind, anyone looking to clean up the mess will need to utilise adequate safety wear in order to offer comprehensive protection from potential diseases.

Our technicians employ the following to ensure that they carry out clean-up work safely and responsibly:

  • P3 Filter Mask
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Overall

It is imperative that the filter mask used is of P3 grade. Any substitute will not provide adequate protection and will put anyone exposed at significant risk. We take great care to ensure that our technicians have everything required to carry out their work both safely and effectively.

By sending your untrained employees to do the task without the necessary protective gear, you are putting them at severe risk of infection.

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Birds, like any pest species, can cause a vast number of problems within your commercial premises. It is vital that you have a company you can depend upon should any bird-related issues start to affect your business.

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