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Pest birds are more than just a nuisance; they cause severe structural damage and spread a number of diseases to humans throughout the UK every year. Our company has a pest bird control Glasgow team with the resources, training, and expertise to deal with birds in both domestic and commercial environments.

UK Pest Bird Species

There are multiple species which can cause problems on your property, but there are two species which our pest bird control Glasgow specialists find present a bigger problem than others:

Urban Gulls: Birds that we typically call ‘seagulls’ often spend their entire lives inland. Of the many gull species which are resident in the UK, only one or two are likely to cause pest issues on your property. When a breeding pair does settle, they can often live there for life.

Gulls can lead to the typical problems which birds cause, such as structural damage and disease, but are also particularly aggressive. After their eggs have hatched and their young are living in the nest, they will often swoop down on humans as they misjudge distance and perceive them as a threat.

Feral Pigeons: Once domesticated animals used for various tasks, many pigeons escaped and became feral. They now dominate cities across Europe and the world. They are opportunistic nesters and will cause severe structural damage through this activity.

Their presence on a property is not always immediately clear, and they often nest in subtle locations. As a result, a problem can quickly escalate, and suddenly one pair can create a significant colony. Disease and contagions may well follow.

Bird Fouling Removal

Bird droppings are concentrated with acid and full of contagions, and a pair can produce a significant amount in a short space of time. A colony will quickly create a critical problem. Not only does the guano cause disease, but structural damage will also follow.

Although there is very little danger in clearing up a few droppings by yourself, a proper build-up of guano presents other problems. By employing the correct technique and safety equipment, we will quickly produce precise and responsible results.

Over and above disease, there are structural and aesthetic issues which follow. The high levels of acid mean the substance will rapidly corrode any surface which it lies upon and will make very short work of metal roofs and any other flat surface.

Bird Proofing

Our pest bird control Glasgow team is perfectly capable of clearing large colonies from your property. However, it is much more cost-effective to deal with the problem before it arises. Our technicians have a number of methods available to them to proof your property from pest birds:

Bird Spiking: By installing a series of blunt metal rods on a surface, we can make it, so no bird is able to land upon it. With their robust UV-stabilised base you can expect the equipment to remain active for 5-10 years, and it is effective in a broad range of situations.

Bird Wiring: This technique is favoured by architects due to its subtle appearance. This means our pest bird control Glasgow team often employ this method for buildings where aesthetics need to be thoroughly maintained. Birds attempting to land will rapidly take off again and go elsewhere.

Bird Netting: This nylon mesh is robust and will act as a physical barrier, preventing birds from reaching areas which are suitable for roosting. Our pest bird control Glasgow team will customise the material to adapt to make sure they are ideally suited for your situation.

Avishock: This product is a fantastic method of controlling birds by changing their behaviour. When birds land, they will receive a slight electric shock which will encourage them to take flight and go elsewhere. It is cheap to run, and incredibly resilient.

Bird Shooting

In the United Kingdom, we have thorough and stringent legislation which protects our wildlife. This includes all British birds. As a result, we cannot simply shoot any birds which are causing issues upon your property. Nevertheless, there are situations where it is necessary.

Our pest bird control Glasgow team utilises an air rifle over a shotgun for a number of reasons. When a large colony of birds, usually feral pigeons, settles on your property, we can use this instrument to reduce their population. This is necessary due to their prolific breeding pattern.

By being proactive in our control of their numbers, we can reduce the disease and structural damage which result from bird activity. Similarly, by reducing the population, there is less chance of infection being spread to human beings.

Our pest bird control Glasgow team go to great lengths to ensure that safety is maintained when we carry out the shooting process. You can read more on this website.

Local and Reliable Service

Pest problems need to be dealt with quickly which is why our locally based technicians are so important. Regardless of whether a pest bird is causing trouble on your domestic or commercial property, our pest bird control Glasgow technicians are nearby and ready to resolve your situation.

We appreciate that every situation is different, and we can provide thorough results without responding to your individual requirements. Our technicians and a sales representative will come up with a unique strategy which is tailor-fit for your precise situation.

Our technicians have been trained it the highest standard and are armed with the finest quality equipment. However, there is no substitute for experience. Our team has many years of experience between them and boasts an in-depth knowledge of all pest birds.

Our Glasgow Pest Control Co. has full accreditation from the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and is in full compliance with all relevant legislation.

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