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No two jobs are the same, and we cannot use the same control programme to deal with every single project that we come across. It is vital that we tailor our service to accommodate your particular requirements, our bird deterrent systems Glasgow team need to have numerous methods and techniques at our disposal to achieve this.

Bird Spiking

Bird spiking is composed of harmless blunt metal prongs which are mounted on strong and robust plastic. When birds attempt to land, they will feel the uneven surface and immediately take flight. By using adhesive or screws, we will make sure they stand the test of time.

This method of birth control is incredibly versatile. The proofing material can be cut to fit even the slightest of surfaces, making it suitable for things like street lamps or CCTV cameras. Our bird deterrent systems Glasgow technicians will ensure it spaced appropriately to avoid the build-up of debris.

Bird Netting

Netting is simple yet effective; it stops pest birds from accessing areas which are suitable for roosting. Although the material is simple, it must be installed correctly in order to withstand the elements.

With experienced installation from our bird deterrent Systems Glasgow technicians, you can expect the mesh to last as long as 10-15 years. The mesh is also discreet, being virtually invisible from the ground.

Bird Gelling

This substance has a strange effect on birds. It is a niche option which birds will view as fire, meaning they will avoid any surface covered in the gel as they will assume it is ablaze.

Some birds, for whatever reason, may make the bold decision to land. When this happens, they will find the taste and smell of the gel intolerable, meaning they will quickly take off again.

The gel is durable when installed correctly. Our bird deterrent systems Glasgow team will cover the substance in sealant protecting it from the elements.

Bird Wiring

Bird wiring is a favourite of architects who are organising bird proofing as it is, in most cases, the least visible proofing option. The process involves installing a number of sturdy posts which we then run stainless-steel wire between them all, creating a surface which birds cannot land on.

Although this method can be used to stop birds from roosting on the edge of a building, it can also be sued to cover a large surface area. By running several series of posts, we can cover a significant section of a structure with this wire.

Laser Deterrent Systems

Birds are very skittish and will quickly flee if they think something is coming towards them. They assume that lasers are physical, and as such can be tricked into abandoning their roosting/settling area. Our technicians will programme a laser turret to scan an area, repeatedly scaring the birds.

Although the birds will eventually return to the area after they assume it is safe, the laser will be triggered again. ,After a short time, the birds will give up trying to settle in the area and will move on to find somewhere they perceive to be more ‘peaceful’.

Bio-Acoustic Scaring

Bird behaviour can be manipulated by sound. Our bird deterrent systems technicians will set up speaker systems which play either the distress calls of birds or the calls of predators. This quickly will encourage any pest birds in the area to become unsettled.

Experience is required to use bio-acoustic scaring effectively. If it is set up and abandoned, the birds will eventually get used to the sound and stop associating it with danger. Instead, we have to develop a dynamic programme which will remain active over a long period.

Avishock Electrical Deterrent

Avishock is a robust and cost-effective method of bird control which will give any landing birds a slight electric shock. Despite the discomfort and fright, the shock is entirely harmless. After receiving a couple of shocks, the birds will realise the area is not safe for roosting and depart.

Although they require power, Avishock uses very little electricity and as such are very cheap to run. So long as they are not interfered with by humans, the deterrent will require minimal upkeep.

Local and Effective Service

Pest birds are a constant problem for properties throughout the UK. One breeding pair can cause expensive and dangerous problems, and naturally, a colony is exponentially worse.

Nesting activity can compromise the integrity of a structure as birds create new entrances, and bird acidic bird guano will quickly disintegrate surfaces; especially metal. Organising bird control from our bird deterrent systems Glasgow team is significantly more cost-effective.

Birds can also transfer diseases which are a severe threat to human health through their droppings and nesting debris. It is not uncommon for birds to nest within ventilation systems, transporting bacteria and viruses throughout a facility.

Experienced professionals are required in order to carry out a successful proofing strategy. Firstly, expertise is necessary to know which materials and methods should be employed, while further knowledge is key to understanding how it should be applied.

Our company is committed to responding to the individual requirements of each of our clients. Our bird deterrent systems Glasgow sales representatives will develop a custom strategy which takes into account your specific requirements as well as the unique dimensions of the structure or facility you need to be protected.

As a local company with personnel throughout Glasgow and the surrounding area. This means we can monitor the progress of the proofing plan and make any amendments or corrections quickly to ensure success.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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