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Having birds settle on your property is a problem for a number of reasons. However, until you have seen the amount of guano that a bird colony can produce, it is difficult to imagine the scale of the fouling that will build up.

Firstly, having a business covered in bird fouling will give it an unpleasant and unhygienic look. Moreover, when left to fester, the acidic faeces will start to cause both aesthetic and structural damage to your property.

Additionally, the excrement is full of contagions which can cause critical illnesses for humans. It is vital that you do not attempt to clean it up without the required safety gear.

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Why Bird Fouling Requires Attention

The three main issues that can follow from a build-up of bird fouling are:

  • Aesthetic Damage
  • Structural Faults
  • Disease

Although most businesses schedule in our bird fouling removal Glasgow technicians due to the unpleasant appearance of guano, there are many more significant problems.

Firstly, the acidic properties of bird fouling mean that it will gradually chew its way through any surface which it finds itself upon. Metal rooves will quickly succumb to the substance, and their lifespan can be slashed.

If your company is responsible for a building or facility, then you are also responsible for the health of the people working or living inside. Guano is a serious risk to those nearby and has to be addressed; anyone who ends up ill after being exposed to it may suffer greatly, and your company will be liable if they decide to make a claim.

Diseases Carried in Guano

The number of contagions potentially carried by bird guano is extensive, and we could not possibly detail all of them here. As mentioned, anyone working nearby a build-up of guano is at genuine risk of contracting one of these illnesses.

Our bird fouling removal Glasgow specialists have highlighted that three of the main contagions which will be contained in the fouling are:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Psittacosis

The danger, however, is not exclusive to those living or working nearby. If anyone disturbs this fouling, the contagions will become airborne, ready to be inhaled. This can quickly turn into an epidemic if the airborne particles find their way into a ventilation system, as they will quickly disperse to every part of a building.

Cleaning up a few bird droppings within a facility is safe enough, won’t do you or your employees any harm. However, any significant build-up should be handled by our bird fouling removal Glasgow team. Not only will they do a thorough job, but they have the equipment to do so safely.

Acidic Fouling and Structural Integrity

Regardless of whether the pest species you are dealing with are urban gulls, pigeons, starlings, or indeed anything else, they all share the same acidic droppings. The substance is highly concentrated with uric acid and will readily corrode anything it touches.

Sheet metal and guttering is particularly vulnerable, and fouling costs UK property owners several million pounds annually. If a roof is covered in guano, for example, many leaks may follow along with the resulting water damage.

Our bird fouling removal Glasgow specialists also find that debris from bird nesting can also cause extensive damage. The water flow of gutters and pipes can be disrupted as they build nests, and it does not actually take much for the stream to be blocked entirely.

This shows that while droppings are a problem, getting the fouling removed will only treat the symptom rather than the disease. If a colony remains on the property, the guano will just build back up, and every other bird-related problem will similarly persist.

Having guano dealt with and bird proofing methods installed is cost-effective and, despite a slight initial investment, will save you significant money in the long-run.

Slip Hazards

Even slight amounts of bird guano can cause someone stepping upon it to slip. If a walkway or pavement is covered in the substance, anyone passing by is at serious risk of falling.

If someone does fall on these droppings and it is determined to be a result of the property owner’s negligence, then your business may well be at risk of an expensive claim. Make sure that guano is dealt with if and when it arises and do not leave your company in a compromised position.

Dealing with Bird Droppings

Before doing anything else, you need to get the excrement that has built up dealt with. Our bird fouling removal Glasgow team are ready to make sure that the droppings are thoroughly cleaned up in both an efficient and safe manner, all at a reasonable cost.

Nonetheless, as mentioned, this will become a regular occurrence if the colony responsible is not forced to leave. We will develop a tailored strategy to deal with your particular problem, responding to your precise requirements while accommodating your budget.

At Glasgow Pest Control Co. we have worked on a wide variety of commercial facilities throughout the country and know what it takes to make sure that your property is not suitable for roosting birds.

Reliable and Local Service

Bird droppings need to be dealt with in order to avoid expensive repairs and maintain a safe environment. Our local bird fouling removal Glasgow technicians will arrive quickly and work efficiently until the problem is comprehensively dealt with.

Our company is in full compliance with all governmental guidelines and is recognised by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). All the work we carry out is ethical and safe for wildlife, human beings, and the environment generally.

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