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f>zBritish pest control and animal welfare laws are some of the strictest in the world. All bird species are protected under wildlife protection legislation, which means in almost all cases harmless deterrent systems need to be utilised to control populations.

Having said that, there are some conditions which, if met, allow us to utilise our bird shooting Glasgow technicians. When firearms are involved, it is crucial that you use a company that you can trust with a reliable track record for safety.

When Can We Employ Bird Shooting?

Although British law dictates that all bird species should be protected wherever possible, there are certain cases where shooting is simply necessary. In some cases, for example, a population can be so large and so dense that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to install proofing technologies.

The majority of cases in which our bird shooting Glasgow team is employed involves feral pigeons. Their populations tend to explode due to their ability to produce young at any time of the year. This means that just a few breeding pairs can result in hundreds within a short space of time.

This prolific breeding pattern is paired with their tendency to nest in a very discreet manner. As a result, you might not know you have a pigeon problem at all until your property and facility are overrun by breeding pairs and their young.

The problems that come with a population of great size will mean that swift and definitive action is needed to stop the extensive health and safety issues and property damage that will follow. Non-lethal techniques will just not do the job quickly enough.

It is essential to keep in mind that you will not have to make the call; when our bird shooting Glasgow sales representative arrives at your property they can assess the situation and decide if the method is appropriate. We will always prioritise ensuring that you receive a speedy and cost-effective result.

What Firearm Do We Use?

Our bird shooting Glasgow team use an air rifle. Although shotguns used to be preferred, there are many reasons as to why they have fallen out of favour with our personnel.

Firstly, safety is always the priority when it comes to our service. Shotgun shells release a number of small metal balls. Although this makes it effective at killing a pigeon, it is difficult to predict what all of the pellets will hit, endangering your property and other living things.

With air rifles, only one projectile will ever be in flight at the same time. This accuracy allows our bird shooting Glasgow technicians more control, making the entire situation more predictable.

Secondly, the loud bang that shotguns produce will warn the bird colony of the present danger. Although this means your property will quickly clear, the population will soon return. This means there would be significant delays between dealing with individual birds.

By using air rifles, we can make the entire process much quicker and more efficient. The quiet nature of these firearms means we can handle a number of birds before they are aware of what is happening.

Why Birds Are Problematic

Having birds settle on your property will lead to a selection of costly and frankly dangerous issues. One of the pressing issues which our bird shooting Glasgow technicians will be able to address quickly is the spread of infectious diseases.

A bird population produces a significant amount of guano, all of which tends to build up in specific areas. This substance is full of contagions. Additionally, nesting and general bird debris can also spread disease – especially if it is inside, or nearby, a ventilation system.

Pest birds also cause devastating amounts of structural and aesthetic damage to buildings. They cost facility managers and property owners millions of pounds of repairs in the UK annually. Their acidic droppings constitute a significant part of this problem, as they will corrode any surface they find themselves upon.

Additionally, pest birds (especially pigeons) are keen nesters. Not only will they look for a suitable roosting spot, but they will exploit small gaps and loose tiles in order to access a building, creating a larger hole. With this entranceway, weathering effects and other pest species will follow.

To summarise, the quicker you deal with bird colonies using our bird shooting Glasgow team, the more cost-effective the solution will be. By putting it off, the related costs of allowing a bird colony to settle on your property will quickly rise.

Local and Effective Service

Our bird shooting Glasgow team is not utilised in every job. As mentioned, there are many strict requirements which have to be met or else the process is highly illegal. Our personnel are familiar with the legislation surrounding the process, and you can rely on us to make sure it is used appropriately.

Our sales representatives have a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver quality bird control and are fully committed to developing a unique strategy for each job we take on. For larger projects, we may employ a number of different techniques in order to secure comprehensive and effective protection against pest birds.

Time is of the essence when pest birds settle on your property. Damage will quickly build up, and it can harm the reputation of your business. Our locally-based bird shooting Glasgow technicians will respond to your call quickly providing rapid results.

The experience and work philosophy that our bird shooting Glasgow team provide is invaluable. Not only can you rely on us to provide thorough results, but we will do so efficiently and safely. When firearms are involved, it is important to use qualified professionals.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible. We also have all of the appropriate paperwork and licenses to operate firearms safely and legally.

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