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Bird spiking is a series of harmless metal rods which are mounted in robust plastic. They can be used on the edge of buildings, on ledges, or on smaller surfaces like CCTV cameras or light fixtures to stop birds from landing.

Our bird spikes Glasgow technicians will attach this equipment using adhesive, screws, or a mixture of the two to make sure it is secure. The plastic base is also UV-stabilised which ensures it will withstand the elements, including heavy snow and intense sun.

Because of legislation in this country, it is crucial birds are not harmed in the proofing process; the prongs are blunt, ensuring the safety of the bird.

Dependable: The products we employ and the installation methods of our bird spikes Glasgow technicians will ensure that the spiking remains effective. The prongs will resist the build-up of litter and debris, allowing their looks to be maintained while still performing adequately.

Customisable: No two bird proofing projects are the same, and it is crucial we have techniques we can adapt to different situations. We can use prongs of different lengths and plastic bases of various sizes in order to match your exact requirements.

Durable: Our experienced bird spikes Glasgow team know what it takes to install the product securely. By using our quality UV-stabilised product, we can ensure the spiking will remain effective for a number of years.

Discreet: Spiking is difficult to spot from the ground if you are not actively looking. This makes spiking a common choice for facility managers responsible for a building where aesthetics are important, such as historic sites.

Ethical: Spiking may look quite intimidating, but it will never do any damage to birds attempting to land. They will merely provide a surface birds cannot land on, encouraging them to fly elsewhere for a suitable roosting location.

Versatile: This product is a popular choice for our bird spikes Glasgow team due to the significant number of applications it can be used for. It is flexible, which means it can be used on curved surfaces and can be cut to fit awkward surfaces.

How Long Does Spiking Last?

There are a number of variables which will determine how long the spiking will remain effective. The factors which can reduce or extend its lifespan are:

  • The brand of product employed.
  • The location of the spiking (how exposed it is).
  • The skill of the installation team.

Nonetheless, our bird spiking Edinburgh technicians have the expertise to offer a guaranteed lifespan of five years at a minimum. However, in the majority of cases, you can depend on the spiking to last for as long as a decade.

What Species Does Spiking Prevent?

Bird spiking can be used to combat all types of bird, and we can use prongs of various lengths to tackle specific problem species.

If a company is confident in its service, then transparency is not a problem. We are confident, and our sales representative will carry out a free of charge survey upon your property. Doing this will allow us to create a tailored plan to address your problems and tell you exactly how much the service of our bird spikes Glasgow team will cost.

Different lengths of metal prongs can be used to tackle different species, including:

  • Feral Pigeons
  • Gulls
  • Magpies
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Crows
  • Canada Geese

Because of its versatility, we can use spiking anywhere that the equipment is ideally suited. The species of birds present in the area does not affect whether or not we can use it.

When is Bird Spiking Practical?

Spiking can be adapted for a tremendous number of situations and is incredibly effective. This means it has become a staple when our sales representatives are developing strategies.

The spiking method, as we discussed before, is visually discreet. The prongs are dense enough to stop birds from landing but spaced out enough that they are not easily viewable. The professional installation process of our bird spikes Glasgow professionals will ensure it does not grab attention.

Spiking technology is also very versatile which means we can use it in areas where other methods would not work. For example, on thin ledges, or small surfaces like CCTV cameras or lighting fixtures. The plastic bases are also flexible, which means it can be attached firmly to curved surfaces and windows.

Pest Bird Control Rules and Laws

In Britain, pest controllers need to follow stringent guidelines to stay on the right side of the law. Bird species that are considered to be pests are protected by wildlife laws. Our bird control team will never use anything which is not entirely legal and ethical – there are effective methods which are entirely compliant.

Our bird spikes Glasgow team will use these harmless metal prongs to significant effect, making it impossible for problematic species to land. If birds cannot find a suitable roosting spot upon your property, then they will just go elsewhere.

Local Dependable Service

If you want practical, responsible, and affordable proofing solutions then get in touch with our bird spikes Glasgow team today. By stopping a colony from settling in the first place, you can minimise the risk of building damage and infectious diseases.

Our experienced sales representatives are responsible for coming up with a custom strategy to protect your property. They will carry out a full survey free of charge and will provide you with a structured quotation outlining all associated costs.

Our company is BPCA approved, and our bird spiking Edinburgh team is fully compliant with all necessary legislation. We guarantee fantastic results without putting animals, or the environment, at risk.

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