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Anyone who lives in a town or city knows how crafty and intelligent urban gulls are. This pest bird species can cause a number of problems including property damage, disease, and noise, but our expertise will quickly deal with the problem.

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Urban Gulls

Gull colonies are more aggressive than other pest bird species and will also cause significant structural damage while spreading infections. The noise they produce by squawking can cause a disturbance and guano will quickly build up.

When a breeding pair settles upon your property, they will commonly return annually and do not stray far from their territory. The partners will generally stay together for life and will either set up in the same nest from the year before or build a new one.

The females of the species will lay their eggs near the beginning of May, but there can be a lot of leeway. After the three-week period that the eggs take to hatch, over following months while the birds are young, the adults become hyper-aggressive.

Gulls live for around two decades which means one breeding pair can take residence on your property and produce a colony on their own. Our gull control Glasgow technicians have seen groups of gulls in the hundreds or even thousands which have come from one breeding pair.

Aggressive Behaviour

Gulls are unusually calm while their eggs are in the nest. They need to stay put in order to keep their eggs at a stable temperature, and they need to be nearby to stop their eggs from being stolen by predators.

After three weeks, when the young have hatched, the gulls will become incredibly aggressive and will swarm any perceived threats. However, gulls struggle with distance, meaning humans several metres away upon the ground can be swooped upon by several birds.

Adult gulls will swoop down within inches of any passers-by, and it is not uncommon for them to make contact. Our pest control Glasgow team have witnessed them quickly creating a group of several attackers by communicating through distress calls.

This activity can cause significant disruption for employees and will ruin a customer’s experience. Health and safety concerns are genuine, and it is vital that you get in contact without gull control Glasgow team to deal with the problem effectively.

Bird Droppings

Anyone who has had seagulls settling on their property knows the incredible amounts of droppings they will produce. Multiple breeding pairs can be absolutely overwhelming. This guano not only looks unhygienic, but it will also present a severe health and safety issue.

Birds can spread a considerable number of diseases to humans. Although we cannot list them all, three of the most common ones according to our gull control Glasgow specialists are:

  • Cryptococcosis
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Psittacosis

Although you or your staff will be able to safely and effectively clean up low amounts of bird droppings, it is too risky when a mass builds up. At this stage, you will need to hire our gull control Glasgow team to get rid of the faeces safely and thoroughly.

Health and Safety

Guano is just one of the many ways that birds can transfer infections to human beings, which makes them a serious risk to your customers, staff, or anyone within your home.

As well as their guano, they can spread disease through various other activities:

  • Nest debris
  • Feathers
  • Carcasses
  • Bird fouling

It is not unusual for these substances and materials to be inhaled by human beings, and if any of it enters into a ventilation system, an entire building can be at risk.

Dealing with Gulls

Scaring gulls and forcing them to move on is only doing half the job. Without further action, the birds will just return to the area after they consider it to be safe and re-settle in the exact same locations.

Our gull control Glasgow team will employ a number of preventive measures in order to ensure that they will not find any roosting spots upon your property:


  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Wiring
  • Bird Spiking
  • Bird Gelling
  • Laser Deterrent Systems
  • Avishock Electric Bird Control


To install the proofing equipment, our technicians will have to clear the birds away from the property initially. For large colonies, our teams will use techniques like falconry, or bio-acoustic scaring.

Population Management

The British government has introduced stringent enforced legislation when it comes to bird control and wildlife preservation.

Although our gull control Glasgow team will never kill birds as a first resort, sometimes a colony is so huge that dealing with it is unrealistic without the use of an air rifle. However, this is a tactic used more on pigeons rather than gulls.

For gull populations, we will instead remove their eggs and replace them with false dummy eggs which, of course, will never hatch. This will force gulls to abandon the area and move on.

Dependable and Reliable Local Service

Our technicians are trained to the highest standard and have years of experience in the pest control business. Our gull control Edinburgh team will deal with birds on your property and prevent any more from settling.

Our gull control Glasgow sales representative will visit your property and develop a plan which resolves your situation in a swift and cost-effective manner. We are committed to coming up with a bespoke plan which accommodates all of your individual requirements.

From routine domestic jobs for one or two gulls to substantial commercial undertakings in order to address a huge colony. We treat every situation with the same level of care and have the resources to take on substantial industrial jobs.

Our gull control Glasgow technicians have full accreditation from the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and is in full compliance with all relevant legislation.

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