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Although once domesticated by humans for various tasks and duties, these animals have escaped and now dominate our urban environments. Our pigeon control Glasgow office is on-hand to help deal with your pest bird problems.

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Feral Pigeons

When pigeons establish a colony on your property, you can expect significant structural and health and safety problems to follow. If they settle on your business, it can present an incredibly off-putting look for any potential customers which can ultimately affect your bottom line.

Feral pigeons can produce in large numbers at any time of the year. They can produce food for their young in the form of crop milk, which means they can provide for their children even through harsh winters where food is short.

Very few birds have a keener eye when it comes to finding places to nest. Pigeons will exploit tiny gaps in order to get inside and make a nest, often extending them in the process. As a result, more pests may enter, and you will suffer from increased weathering effects.

Pigeons tend to have life partners and tend to establish some territory and remain there. The pest birds will not migrate unless there are very extreme conditions which force them to do so. When these birds settle upon your property, they are not going to leave on their own accord.

Our pigeon control Glasgow team have years of experience and are trained to the highest standard. We know what it takes to deal with pigeons quickly and effectively.

Bird Droppings

Pigeons typically produce 10kg of guano annually. As you can imagine, when a pair or colony settles on your property this problem will quickly reach critical levels. Along with health risks will come costly repairs as the acidic guano takes effect.

There are far too many infections that can be spread by bird droppings to list here, but three of the most common are:

  • Psittacosis
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis

Our pigeon control Glasgow technicians have the safety equipment, expertise, and technique required to deal with guano build-ups both safely and effectively. Dealing with the occasional dropping yourself is safe but dealing with any more is a risk.

Health and Safety

As mentioned, by allowing birds to establish themselves on your property you are putting anyone working or living within your property at risk.

Many people associate disease with guano and guano only. However, this is not the case. They can also spread disease through their:

  • Bird fouling
  • Nest debris
  • Carcasses
  • Feathers

Anyone who disturbs any of this material can throw various contagions into the air. If these enter a ventilation system, then the entire building can be put at serious risk of contracting an illness.

Dealing with Birds

Getting rid of birds upon your property is only a temporary fix. Birds will not remain scared forever and will eventually return to the area to try and settle again. A significant element of our job is making sure your property is not suitable for roosting.

Our pigeon control Glasgow technicians have a number of proofing methods available to us, which can all be applied in different situations:


  • Bird Spiking
  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Wiring
  • Laser Deterrent Systems
  • Bird Gelling
  • Electronic Bird Control

While birds are still present on your property, however, we cannot install the proofing materials. To get rid of the birds initially, we will use these methods:

  • Bio-Acoustic Scaring
  • Falconry

Population Management

British birds are protected by strict wildlife laws. Whenever it is possible, we need to use non-lethal methods.

However, when certain conditions are met, it is lawful to employ a firearm in order to manage a bird population. Our pigeon control Glasgow technicians use an air rifle for the same purpose as it offers many advantages over the loud and unpredictable shotgun.

Another option, more commonly used for gulls, is to make sure their eggs never hatch. We can either sterilise the existing ones or replace them with plastic dummy equivalents.

Dependable and Reliable Local Service

Our dedicated pigeon control Glasgow team can help with any of your pest bird problems, from getting rid of an existing colony to preventing them from settling around your property.

Our sales representatives and technicians will take into account all of your specific requirements in order to come up with a tailor-fit plan. This will allow us to deal with your situation quickly in the most cost-effective manner, accounting for your individual case.

Our pigeon control Glasgow team have the resources to carry on substantial commercial projects but regularly respond to routine domestic jobs. For projects which often come across pest problems, we can establish a working contract which offers comprehensive service for a set fee.

Our company is entirely compliant with all legislation and recognised by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). Our pigeon control Glasgow team carry out their work legally, humanely, and ethically.

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