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Most insect species in the UK are absolutely harmless. However, there are a number of pest species which can lead to problems ranging from property damage, disruption to commercial businesses and within the home, to severe health and safety hazards.

Whether you are dealing with cockroaches, flies, or even a nest of wasp or ants, our insect control Glasgow technicians are the people for the job. With our years of practical experience, we never come across a problem we cannot deal with.

In order to meet our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction, we develop unique strategies for each individual job. By responding to your specific situation and requirements, we can guarantee conclusive and reliable results efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

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Wasp Nest Destruction

Although many insects will keep themselves to themselves, wasps will sting – especially when they believe their nest is under threat. As you well know, these stings can be painful, but usually, it will not go further than that. However, it is not uncommon for the sting to result in an allergic reaction.

When it comes to removing the nest, we provide a service which is both effective in result and rapid in response. For a reasonable cost, we will arrive at your property and have the nest removed within a matter of hours, safely and responsibly.

Ant Control

Ants form well-organised and robust communities in well-protected nests. They dig expansive stretches of tunnels with variously specialised chambers. Although you may go to a great effort to deal with the stream of ants which enter your home, this is usually in vain; the colony will replace every worker so long as the queen survives.

Our insect control Glasgow technicians have the necessary experience and equipment to deal with ant nests conclusively. Not only are we able to find the nest, but we have a number of options in regards to dealing with the workers and queen.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches have a number of severe detrimental effects on human health. The insects give off a strong scent from chemicals within their body as well as various debris which will trigger severe allergic reactions within humans. Additionally, they are carriers of a series of dangerous diseases.  

A very specific tactic is required to deal with a cockroach population conclusively. Our insect control Edinburgh technicians employ a poison which will slowly kill the roaches. This means they will return to their crawl spaces which we cannot access, passing on the poison to other members of the population as they are eaten upon death.

Biting Insect Control

Although they do not pose a significant threat to human health, external parasites such as bed bugs and fleas can cause severe skin irritation through their bites. Although many people just receive itchy red marks, others suffer from extensive rashes.

In order to make sure that biting insects do not have a chance of coming back, we need to deal with both the insects and the eggs. Our insect control Edinburgh team have the experience and knowledge to deal with this; doing so yourself is not an option.

Moth Control

While moths are safe to be around from a health and safety perspective, they can do extensive damage to things within your property. Many moth species feed upon natural textiles, fibres, fabrics, and leathers, resulting in costly damage.

In most situations, we can use residual insecticides to deal with moth infestations quickly and definitively. However, we also have trap options available in specific circumstances. The insecticide will also destroy the eggs, meaning the outbreak will never resurface.

Dermestes Beetle Control

Dermestes beetles are a collection of species, rather than a specific type. These insects breed very rapidly and will quickly multiply until there are hundreds around your property. They will feed on a huge variety of organic material which means they can and will contaminate food.

Insecticides are required to deal with Dermestes populations and have to be applied to surfaces throughout your property. All of the chemicals we will employ are entirely safe to be around, meaning you and your family can stay within your home throughout the process.

Local and Trusted Service

Although not every insect will pose a health or safety risk within your home, it doesn’t change the fact that they should be handled as quickly as possible. Our locally-based insect control Glasgow technicians are always nearby and ready to offer a rapid response to your pest problem.

It is impossible to guarantee flawless service without developing unique strategies for each and every pest problem. We know from experience that approaching different pest situations using the same plan will not work, and our insect control Glasgow specialists will always respond to the specifics of your circumstances.

Regardless of what insect has made its way into your home, it will naturally lead to significant distress. Not only will our local staff arrive quickly, but you can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with professionals who reliably bring about reliable results.

We also don’t want to waste precious time by assessing the situation only to leave in order to collect the correct equipment. Our personnel operate vehicles which are armed with all of the chemicals and apparatus they will require to deal with the vast majority of jobs upon arrival.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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