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DIY Control Methods

The nature of ant colonies makes defeating an entire population using DIY techniques unrealistic. Although it is relatively easy to kill individual members of the colony, this will do nothing to stop the source of the problem itself.

Naturally, it is in an ant queen’s best interest to establish a nest in a discreet and out-of-the-way location. This means that she can continue producing young to replace those which you kill using tape, store-bought insecticide, or any other form of home remedy.

In short, if the nest and the queen remain active, the ants will not leave your home any time soon. Professional service from our ant control Glasgow specialists will be required!

Defending Your Property Against Ants

Sealing gaps in your home to stop pests like rats and mice from entering is relatively simple. As capable they are at squeezing through holes, they still have to be an inch or so wide. Because of this, we can locate them.

Trying to shut off each and every gap that an ant can exploit is another matter, however. Because they are only a millimetre or two in size, they will always be able to find a suitable gap somewhere. It is possible to make life more difficult for them, but impossible to stop it entirely.

Similarly, keeping food secure from ants is more difficult than it is for rodents. Again, food can be sealed up and placed in cupboards. So long as they function properly, mice and rats shouldn’t be able to get inside. Ants have a much easier time getting inside and informing their colony.

Make sure you follow all the usual procedures to make entering your property and accessing food more difficult and be prepared to contact our ant control Glasgow office if the ants increase in number.

Nuptial Flight Season

From mid to late Summer, ant colonies in the UK will begin the process of starting new nests. The queen will grow wings and leave the nest to look for a suitable new location for a new colony, accompanied by a few flying males.

Colonies within an area have the impressive ability to exactly coordinate the nuptial process. Queens and their male companions will all leave to find new territory at the same time, almost exactly.

Our ant control Glasgow specialists have noted that because of this, you may find numerous Queens making their home around your property throughout this season in the ant lifecycle.

Our Ant Control Programme

Our ant control Glasgow technicians always drive fully-stocked vans. We want to make sure that when we arrive at a job, we can start work straight away. Pest issues can be disruptive and distressing, but you won’t have to deal with it a second more than you have to.

Our ant control Glasgow specialists are trained to the highest standard and benefit from a wealth of practical experience dealing with ant colonies. After finding a nest, we have the insecticides required to deal with it effectively.

Nonetheless, some nests are so well-hidden that this method will not work. Instead, we can leave out slow-acting poisonous ant bait. The worker ants will take this back to the nest for us, spreading the chemical throughout the entire community.

When this poison reaches the queen’s chamber, their ability to reproduce is over.

UK Ant Species

Garden Ant: When our ant control Glasgow team arrives at an ant-infested home, they almost always find garden ants (lasius niger). These ants can build large and sophisticated populations, with each insect having its own particular role.

These colonies are particularly tricky to deal with on your own as the tunnels may stretch on for many metres. The queen may live in her protected chamber for decades, only making an appearance when it is time to move elsewhere and establish a nest.

For this reason, professional expertise is usually required to deal with this species.

Pharaoh Ants: Pharaoh ants are not indigenous to the UK, but their robust nature and ability to adapt have allowed them to establish themselves across the globe.

These colonies are still relatively rare but are nonetheless very difficult to deal with. Dealing with hem without our ant control Glasgow expertise will be difficult if not impossible.

The main reason as to why dealing with this species by yourself is inadvisable is that they will abandon the nest when in danger. These different groups will establish individual nests. We use a chemical which leaves them unable to breed, causing the population to fail and die slowly.

This species will often build their nest within boiler systems and other warm appliance. This is because as a tropical insect they require a warm environment for breeding.

Local and Effective Service

Having ants in your property can be disruptive, unhygienic, and downright distressful. We appreciate the need for quick service, and our locally based ant control Glasgow technicians are happy to oblige.

We are committed to developing a tailored plan for all pest situations. We will take into account your particular situation and requirements as it is key to providing effective results. After all, every pest situation is slightly different.

As mentioned, our ant control Glasgow vans are fully stocked with everything our teams might need to begin the process of dealing with a colony on our first visit. You will not have to wait on us to pick up the right equipment while the ants continue their invasion of your property.

Finally, without adequate expertise, an ant colony may only be stunted. This means it will eventually re-establish itself. Our ant control Glasgow specialists know exactly what it takes to deal the final blow to an ant colony due to their practical experience and training, leaving no nasty surprises for you.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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