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Bed bugs are external parasites which feed on human blood. Because they feed at night, their preferred home is very near to a sleeping human being.

Fully grown bed bugs tend to be roughly the size of an apple seed, although their size can vary depending on whether they have fed. When empty, the insect will be long, brown, and distinctly oval-shaped.

Our bed bug control Glasgow specialists, however, note that when a bed bug has taken a blood meal, they will become more rounded in shape. Additionally, due to their slightly transparent body, the crimson blood will shine through giving them a reddish hue.

The sheer number of human beings which travel between different countries have brought bed bugs back to the UK. Previously, they were eradicated using now-outlawed dangerous chemicals.

Reactions to Bed Bug Bites

While all insect infestations are problems which have to be dealt with, the situation is particularly pressing when it involves a biting insect like a bed bug.

Because this insect typically feeds between the hours of 1-3am, they will feed on a sleeping human host. They have relatively strong mandibles which they can use to break the skin and consume blood. These bites usually appear in sequences of three as the bugs will repeatedly bite until they are full.

Our bed bug control Glasgow specialists have informed us that because they locate hosts in part due to CO2, they will often bite on the torso where your breath falls. Due to their ability to track you, it is crucial you do not change your sleeping habits to contain the infestation.

Bed bugs generally appear as small red marks which will be itchy and irritated. Many people will tell you that biting insects can transfer bloodborne disease from person to person, but this is not true. However, itching the bits can and will lead to various other infections.

Bed Bug Infestations

Most people will realise some form of biting insect has infested their home when they find red marks upon their skin. They may feel an itch and notice three small blemishes. However, there are many other giveaways you can use to confirm the presence of bed bugs; things out bed bug control Glasgow technicians will look for.

One clue the insects will leave behind is in the form of their droppings. Although you might not notice these before you realise you have been bitten, they are easy to find when actively looking. The droppings are tiny black pellets which can be located in the bed and surrounding area.

By looking in the right places, you can even spot the insects directly. They will take shelter in nooks and crannies around your bed, such as in folds in sheets or gaps in furniture. By shining a torch within these hiding places, you can identify individual insects.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are robust survivors and wiping them out entirely without professional help is not realistic. Our bed bug control Glasgow team will carry out a very technical strategy which involves applying residual insecticide to critical areas. Four visits are required to guarantee effective and lasting results.

In order to make the process as smooth as possible for our team, however, you should take steps to avoid letting the infestation spread. For example, do not dispose of any infested furniture as this will only allow the insects to spread – this is especially true if you live in a block of flats.

Secondly, although it might be difficult, it is important to remain sleeping in your own bed. Bugs can locate hosts through CO2, heat, and vibrations. If you move to another room, it will mean our bed bug control Glasgow team will have two locations to treat.

Bed bugs are undoubtedly a tricky infestation to deal with. They are hardy survivors and require specialist expertise. However, our teams have the training, equipment, and working experience to deal with the situation adequately. By undertaking numerous visits, we can ensure the problem is dealt with conclusively.

Local and Effective Service

All pest problems can cause distress, but the situation is significantly worse when the invasive animal actively bites human beings. Knowing that you are dealing with professionals like our bed bug control Glasgow technicians will offer valuable peace of mind. Our expertise, equipment, and attention to detail will make short work of all pest problems.

It is also important to keep in mind that any DIY methods of dealing with the problem can do more harm than good. Attempting to move infested furniture will make the problem worse, and unless each and every egg is exterminated or the population will eventually recover.

Approaching every pest situation with the same strategy will never provide optimum results. We are committed to absolute customer satisfaction and as such will come up with a bespoke plan tailored to your specific circumstances to deal with the problem quickly and effectively.

Our locally-based bed bug control Glasgow team will respond quickly to your call, meaning that progress can begin as soon as possible. By having personnel nearby and ready to respond, you can get back to sleeping peacefully sooner rather than later.

Our bed bug control Glasgow specialists are trained to the highest standard and have years of practical experience in dealing with the problem. Furthermore, through continuous testing and experimentation, we have determined precisely which chemicals are most effective at delivering decisive results.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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