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Types of Cockroaches in the UK

There are thousands of different cockroaches throughout the planet. However, only a fraction of them live within human habitations and an even smaller number are present in Britain.

Of the species that do live here, our cockroach control Glasgow technicians come across the following species fairly regularly:

German Cockroaches: This type of cockroach is present all across the globe. Not only is it a hardy survivor allowing it to travel, but it can adapt to a broad range of habitats with carrying conditions. These insects tend to establish themselves in warm and human indoor environments, usually found in kitchen and bathroom areas.

American Cockroaches: These roaches, despite their name, are actually from Africa and can be identified by their large size. They tend to avoid areas busy with human activity, settling in humid and dark environments. They thrive in basements and warehouses or factories, but some can be found in domestic bathroom and kitchen settings.

Oriental Cockroaches: The most identifiable feature of these insects is their incredibly dark colour, ranging from dark brown to black. They feed on decaying organic substances which means they can often be found in piles of leaves and bins. Additionally, they thrive within drainage systems and cold damp basements.

Allergies and Disease

Although many people associate cockroaches with disease, our cockroach control Glasgow experts know that this is just one health hazard they are responsible for:

Allergic Reactions: Cockroaches produce an incredibly strong scent which will trigger an allergic reaction in the majority of people. The intensity of this reaction can vary from irritation to breathing trouble. Roaches will also produce debris which, when inhaled, can cause symptoms significantly worse.

Asthma: Anyone who suffers from asthma can suffer breathing difficulties and even attacks as a result of cockroach activity. Our cockroach control Glasgow specialists have also highlighted that detritus from dead cockroaches and their faeces can be inhaled by nearby humans, causing a real risk for older people, young children, and household pets.

Disease: Many dangerous and infectious diseases such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Dysentery can be carried by cockroaches. They can contaminate food sources while eating, or even leave pockets of bacteria on surfaces. This can lead to entire batches of produce being contaminated in a commercial setting.

DIY Cockroach Control

The combination of cockroach biology and behaviour makes them a very difficult insect to deal with by yourself. Due to their sensitivity towards light, they will often spend most of their life away from open spaces. They much prefer wall spaces and other discreet locations.

There are very few, if any, natural forces which control their populations. The number of predators they have in the wild is low and this number drops to zero when they find shelter inside. When they infest your property, they are likely to remain until there is no more food to eat.

Luckily, our cockroach control Glasgow technicians have the expertise and effective insecticide to deal with the problem efficiently.

How to Prevent Roach Infestations

Our cockroach control Glasgow experts have prepared some advice which you can employ to avoid cockroach infestations in both commercial and domestic settings:

  • Rubbish and waste should be disposed of as quickly as possible; make sure rubbish bags are taken outside regularly.
  • Any stored food should be secure from pests in tight containers.
  • Food should not be left out for extended periods of time, and it is vital it remains covered whenever possible.
  • Maintain a clean environment by cleaning up all spills and food residue. Additionally, cockroaches thrive with a lot of shelter so avoid clutter.
  • Recycling bins can be unexpected sources for cockroaches to feed. Ensure that all food residue is thoroughly removed before throwing it outside.

Cockroaches have an incredible ability to communicate using pheromones. When one of them finds a source of food or shelter, they will inform other members of their species who quickly join them.

If you witness a cockroach, or a sign of their activity, within your property it is critical that you get in touch with our cockroach control Glasgow team without delay. By making an immediate start, we can deal with the problem before the situation is critical.

Our Cockroach Service

Over our many years of experience, our cockroach control Glasgow technicians have experimented with a number of products. We find that a specialised slow-acting bait provides the best results while causing minimal disruption.

This bait will limit the cockroach’s ability to grow and reproduce while killing is slowly. The cockroaches should make it into their crawl spaces before dying. Other cockroaches will consume the corpse leading to ‘secondary poisoning events’ as they ingest the chemical.

Because the roaches will take the poison to areas which we cannot access, it allows us to deal with the infestation without having to tear down walls and other structures to finish the job. In essence, the cockroaches will spread the poison among their own ranks.

In some instances we will need to go to further lengths to ensure the infestation is truly dealt with. In these cases, we can leave traps around as a monitoring device. If the traps remain empty, we know the population has reached zero and has no chance of resurfacing.

Local and Reliable Service

Cockroach infestations are a health hazard, and their robust nature makes them a very pressing pest problem. The longer the population is left to expand the more difficult it is to deal with, but our local cockroach control Glasgow technicians are always nearby and ready to respond.

We are committed to coming up with bespoke plans to address your pest issues as this is the only way to guarantee conclusive results and customer satisfaction. Additionally, our cockroach control Glasgow team will arrive in vehicles fully stocked for the job ahead.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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