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While there are shop-bought chemicals that you can use to deal with one or two fleas on a car or dog, dealing with a home infestation is a problem for professionals. Our Locally-based flea control Glasgow technicians are never far away and are ready to offer a rapid response.

Fleas Explained

Fleas are tiny flightless insects which use their strong legs to leap distances many times their own body length. They are external parasites and, despite being specialised to one species, will feed on other animals including human beings if they cannot find a more ideal host.

Fleas have a distinctive flattened body which makes it easier for them to negotiate their way through hair, fur, and occasionally feathers. At only 1-3mm in length, they are small in size and relatively difficult to spot.

Exterminating adult fleas is one thing, but fleas in a pupal state are an entirely different matter. During this stage in their life cycle, they can survive incredibly harsh conditions, ranging from intense heat to barren dryness. Our flea control Glasgow team will make sure that all of these are dealt with.

British Flea Species

Cat fleas are by far and away the most common species of flea in the United Kingdom. In fact, they are responsible for around three in four flea infestations in this country. Although they prefer to feed on cats, they will test all any animals it finds meaning humans will be bitten.

Cat fleas are relatively large, measuring in at around 3mm in length. Our flea control Glasgow specialists have highlighted that their colour can vary depending on how recently they have been fed.

If the flea is full of blood, then they will possess a slight reddish hue due to their transparent bodies. Otherwise, they will appear as their typical dark brown.

There are many other varieties of flea in the UK including dog fleas, pig fleas, and even human fleas. However, all of these insects will feed on humans if they cannot find their ideal host.

Empty Building Infestations

As mentioned, fleas in their pupal state are incredibly robust. They can survive in barren environments for incredible amounts of time, coming back to life the moment they sense the heat, vibrations, and CO2 that hosts produce. Within a matter of seconds, they can attach themselves to this host.

Many people enter into an empty building only to be surprised by a seemingly immediate flea infestation. As our flea control, Glasgow technicians have highlighted, the survivability of pupal fleas is the source of this problem.

Humans and Flea Bites

Although many people believe that fleas can transmit bloodborne diseases between human beings, this is not the case. Nonetheless, flea bites will result in numerous different issues which, while less severe, need to be addressed.

Firstly, there is an unfortunate social stigma associated with flea bites. Additionally, fleas tend to bite the extremities such as wrists and ankles which can make them difficult to hide which can lead to distress.

Secondly, there is the irritation of the bite itself which can vary depending on the person. Although fleas use tiny mandibles to break through the skin and suck blood, a lot of humans will react with a relatively large rash with a lot of bumps.

Our flea control Glasgow team would like to make clear that despite the irritation and blemishes, these bites are not dangerous. Nonetheless, the source needs to be addressed.

Our Flea Control Programme

Anyone who owns a cat or dog will likely have experience in dealing with a small number of fleas. There are a number of shop bought products which can be useful in this context, but they will do nothing to solve a home infestation.

Dealing with an infestation is much more difficult to deal with and requires professional service. Our flea control Glasgow team have years of practical experience in dealing with these problems, as well as the idea equipment for delivering a comprehensive treatment.

Our treatment programme involves applying effective residual insecticide to critical areas within your home. Our knowledge of flea behaviour allows us to identify likely areas where fleas, and their young, will be hiding.

The entire programme will take place over multiple visits. We need to ensure that the whole population is eliminated. If even a few members of the infestation are left alive, then there is a good chance they will gradually re-establish themselves, undoing all of the previous work.

Although it is tempting to throw out any furniture or objects that you know to be infested, our flea control Glasgow technicians recommend that you keep everything in its place. This reduces the infestation’s ability to spread throughout the home, or indeed an entire block of flats.

Local and Reliable Service

All pest problems should be addressed as soon as possible, but the nature of biting insects makes the matter even more pressing. Knowing that parasites are around your rest area can make it difficult to sleep comfortably and will lead to genuine distress.

With just a phone call to our flea control Glasgow office, our locally-based technicians can offer an incredibly quick response. With a fully-stocked van of equipment, we can get to work immediately.

In order to give secure conclusive results in as quick a time possible, our flea control Glasgow team will develop a strategy specific to your precise situation. Any pest control company which attempts to put into place the same plan each and every time is just trying to cut corners.

Adult fleas are difficult enough to kill due to their robust nature and ability to hide in gaps and folds. Their pupal state is even more robust, and able to survive in incredibly harsh conditions for extended periods of time. Because of this, the knowledge our flea control Glasgow team have about the behaviour of the species will be vital.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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