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DIY Moth Remedies

You can find moth insecticides in any sizeable supermarket, although this will not be capable of combatting an infestation if even a small size. It can deal a killing blow to some adult moths, although the eggs they leave tucked away around your property will remain unaffected allowing the insets to resurface.

Nonetheless, our moth control Glasgow specialists have offered some advice on how you can help to avoid moths from gaining a foothold within your property in the first place:

  • Clothes moths don’t just eat clothing! Make sure to keep fabric furniture clean in order to keep moths at bay.
  • Bags for your vacuum will allow moth populations to thrive. In order to keep the populations down, make sure you change the bags often and outside.
  • Clothes and fabrics which are covered in sweat and dirt are very favourable to egg-laying Ensure they are washed thoroughly before being stored away.
  • If you are going to buy antique fabrics or even vintage clothing, make sure that all of it is cleaned before you bring it into your home. Moth eggs may well be lurking, ready to infest your home.

Professional Moth Control

Infestations are easier to prevent than to deal with. Without professional help, it is unlikely you will be able to rid your property of the insects. Not only do these flying pests remain primarily in out-of-the-way sections of your property, but they are also difficult to eradicate. However, our moth control Glasgow specialists have the experience expertise.

The first step is to utilise specialised residual insecticide throughout your home. We will apply it in areas where moths and their eggs are likely to be, from textiles themselves to nooks and crannies where the insects are likely to have settled.

Additionally, our moth control Edinburgh technicians also have the option of installing traps throughout your home or commercial property. This equipment gives off pheromones to lure in the insects before trapping them inside, offering another method of dealing with the more immediate problem of the adult moths.

In order to deliver a conclusive result which ensures the moths will merely re-establish themselves after the insecticide treatment, our technicians will visit your property multiple times. By doing this, we can make sure that every last member of the species is eliminated along with their eggs.

Clothes Moths

There are a great number of moth species in Britain, and many of them consume fabrics and textiles, but only two of them are common; the common clothes moth and the case-bearing clothes moth.

These insects are incredibly destructive, and the damage and resulting cost of reparations will quickly rack up. Although they will spread throughout a property, our moth control Glasgow specialists find that these insects tend to stick to the following more undisturbed areas:

  • Wardrobes
  • Areas below furniture
  • Drawers and cupboards
  • Basements and Loft Spaces

It isn’t the fully-grown adult moths that eat clothing. In fact, adult clothes moths do not eat at all but simply breed and eventually die. However, larval moths consume the keratin present in natural fibres causing significant, and costly, damage.

At best, this will result in surface damage upon the textiles and clothing. At worst, the larva will chew through entirely creating wide holes. After just a short time, a moth infestation will result in the need for furniture to be reupholstered and clothing replaced.

Moths will eat any natural fabric material, including:

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Feathers
  • Fur
  • Cashmere

It is crucial to keep in mind that clothing and furniture are not the only objects moths will eat. They will consume fabric wherever they find it, so long as there are natural fibres containing fibres.

British Moth Species

Of the 2500 moth species that currently exist in Britain, none of these will have an adverse effect on human health. Although they can contaminate food, and this is unpleasant, they are not known to spread disease. Nonetheless, our moth control Glasgow team is always on-hand to deal with the problem.

Other than the traditional clothes moths outlined earlier, there are two main common moth species:

Brown House Moth – These insects can spread to each and every corner of your home very quickly, despite giving birth to only one generation annually. When their larvae are born in Autumn, they can travel great distances before their metamorphosis into an adult.

White-Shouldered House Moths – Although it is not unheard of for this species to infest domestic properties, they will very often take over outdoor buildings. This species can eat textiles, but they are less likely to do so. Again, they will produce a new generation once every year.

Local and Reliable Service

The fact that moths will not cause health and safety issues is of little consolation; they will still cause distress and immense property damage. Our locally-based moth control Glasgow technicians have the experience required to offer both quick and conclusive results.

In order to make sure that we deliver unrivalled customer satisfaction, we develop a unique strategy for each and every job we work on. Our moth control Glasgow team will take into account your individual circumstances and requirements and come up with a plan which accommodates them.

When it comes to pest control, any unnecessary delays are entirely inexcusable. We make sure that all of our technicians keep their vans fully-stocked with all of the equipment and chemicals they are likely to need on a daily basis. By doing this, we can make sure that our workers are ready to get work immediately.

Due to the robust nature of many pest infestations, it usually requires more than one visit to make sure that the problem is truly dealt with. Our moth control Glasgow team will visit your property multiple times to make sure that the entire population is dealt with.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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