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Rodents are distinct from other mammals due to their prominent incisors which grow continually throughout their lives. Not only do these rodents cause a lot of damage to property, but they will spread disease and even present a fire risk.

Pest Rodents

Rodents are the biggest family within the mammal species, and there are three common pest species within the UK:

Mice: This small species of mammal will soil food while foraging and partakes in very disruptive nesting activity. They breed multiple times throughout the year, and one breeding pair can quickly overrun your property if left to their own devices.

Rats: Rats are similar to mice in appearance but can be distinguished by their large size, rounded ears, and triangular snouts. The brown rat is by far the most common species in this country while the black rat tends to come from abroad and is much rarer.

Squirrels: This species is incredibly competitive and has rapidly taken over territory from its red cousin since its introduction to the British Isles. It is unlikely you will mistake a squirrel for another rodent due to their slender bodies, almond eyes, and bushy tails.

Rodents and the Spread of Disease

Mice and rats have played a historic rule throughout the world when it comes to the spread of disease among the human population. We cannot discuss every condition that they carry, but some of the more common rodent-related infections are:

Salmonella: This disease can do serious and lasting damage to healthy individuals and can be potentially fatal to weaker individuals such as the young and old. The bacteria live in the digestive system of mice and rats and can be spread through their faeces and saliva.

Rat-Bite Fever: The vast majority of animals have no interest in fighting with humans. However, it is not unusual for rats and mice to lash out when humans accidentally come upon them and ‘corner’ them. Rat-bite fever is just one of the diseases they can transfer.

Hantavirus: Hantavirus, or HPS, has similar symptoms to the flu but will eventually result in severe breathing problems without medical intervention. It spreads quickly, broadly, and will affect even healthy individuals.

How Rodents Spread Disease

Rodents thrive in urban settings. We have provided everything they require in abundance; food and shelter. Rodents will make a home either in your domestic property or in your commercial premises.

Food Sources: So long as there is food available within your property, rodents will try and make their home inside. When feeding upon the food within your kitchen, or stock within a warehouse, they will contaminate it with their excrement. This can lead to severe damage in terms of health and cost.

Water Supply: Pest rodents will enter your drainage systems and water reservoirs. They are talented swimmers and prefer to stick to areas of a property which humans will not inhabit. However, they will leave behind their infectious urine and faeces and may even drown, leaving behind their corpse.

Airborne Particles: Mice and rats will produce many contagions when they are scavenging and nesting around your property. If you or, in the case of a commercial property, your employees disturb their nesting material or excrement, then infection might follow. Occasionally, these dangerous materials can find their way into a ventilation system causing widespread illness.

Insect Bites: Rodents can introduce other insects to human habitations, introducing another pest problem which has to be dealt with. Some lice and mice can carry diseases, meaning they are not only disruptive but also a health and safety issue.

Rodents and Property Damage

All rodents will use their enormous incisors to chew on materials throughout a property. This means that when you have an infestation in your property, you will notice aesthetic damage all over which can lead to expensive repairs.

Rats, mice, and squirrels regularly chew on all cables and wires. They will strip the rubber insulation which can lead to malfunctioning machines around your home or commercial property. However, this also presents a severe risk of fire.

Rats and mice will also climb inside appliances in order to take shelter and build their nest. They may cause damage breaking inside, will bring in disruptive nesting materials, and ultimately will cause the machine to malfunction or catch fire.

The problem is serious, and around 15% of property fires in the UK are attributed to rodents.

Squirrels also regularly tear bark off of trees in the wild. When there are no trees around, they will turn their attention to other wooden objects. Wooden structural beams are a common target, and severe aesthetic and structural damage can follow.

Local Reliable Service

Our locally-based rodent control Glasgow technicians are always on-hand to deal with your pest problems. Due to their prolific breeding patterns, it is crucial that you get any invaders dealt with immediately before they reproduce and the problem becomes critical.

Our rodent control Glasgow team is trained to the highest standard with years of practical experience. Our service guarantees effective results and absolute customer satisfaction. Not only can you rely on us to secure a conclusive result, but we will do so quickly and cost-effectively.

We can also advise on follow-up services which will reduce the chance of future rodent infestations. This may simply regard good practices you can follow, but we can also examine your property for gaps and holes pests can exploit, sealing them off in the process.

For commercial projects, one of our sales representatives will visit your property in order to examine your situation and develop a bespoke strategy and offer you a full quote. There are zero obligations to move forward, but if you do, we can get to work immediately.

Our company is BPCA approved, compliant with all relevant pest control legislation, and environmentally safe and responsible.

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