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Damage to Properties

Rat activity will cause significant damage to a property and lead to the need for expensive reparations. With a population of over 80 million in the UK which continues to rise, an increasing number of homes and commercial facilities are being infested and damaged by these destructive rodents.

Using their large incisors, rats will chew on just about every surface they come across. Often, they are looking for nesting materials. To this end, they will tear apart paper materials, insulation, and textiles. Often, they will eat into furniture and vehicle seats in order to create a comfortable and secure nest with minimal effort.

Rodents will also use their teeth to make their way into properties. For example, rats will tear their way through wood, drywall, and anything else they can make their way through. By doing this, the rodents will compromise your property by creating new entranceways introducing weathering effects and other pests.

More sinisterly, 15% of property fires in Britain are attributed to rodents. This is because they will strip the insulation off of electrical wiring, will chew gas pipes, and can even create nests inside of appliances causing a fire risk.

Health and Safety Problems

Rats are well-known for their ability to spread disease, and this is no accident. To this day, they are responsible for a number of health problems:

Water Supplies: Pipes crawl around through discreet and hidden areas within buildings. This means they often end up in pipes and water reservoirs, leaving behind bacteria-ridden faeces and urine. Additionally, they will often drown leaving behind their infectious corpse.

Food Sources: Rats are talented foragers and will find any food which is not adequately secured. When they are eating, they will infect the food with their saliva, faeces, and urine, making it incredibly unsafe for human consumption.

Airborne Particles: Humans are also in danger of breathing in contagions from rat activity. Nesting materials and waste when disturbed will result in a number of airborne particles which, when inhaled, can result in disease. This problem is multiplied if the material makes its way into a ventilation system.

Insect Bites: Fleas and lice thrive upon rats. These external parasites will happily leave their host for a human target, meaning that rats will spread other pests throughout your home. By not dealing with rats, you can very quickly have another pest problem on your hands.

Diseases Carried by Rats

It is impossible to outline every illness that rats can carry and spread, but some of the most common ones are:

Rat-Bite Fever: Rats do not want to attack human beings, but they will fight when they feel there is no other option. If you come across one in your home or business unexpectedly, they may well bite and scratch, causing many infections including rat-bite fever.

Hantavirus: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is incredibly serious and in some cases can be fatal. It is highly infectious and can have lasting effects on even healthy people. The main symptoms are flu-like, resulting in aches and pains.

Leptospirosis: Rat urine contains Leptospirosis which will very quickly lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, and jaundice. Medical attention is required immediately.

Brown Rat

When our rat control Glasgow technicians arrive at a job, it is almost certain brown rats are responsible. They are by far the most common species in Britain and thrive in human habitations.

This species is incredibly prolific when it comes to breeding and will produce over sixty young each year. They also require only a small amount of food and some shelter, allowing them to thrive across the world.

With their fantastic ability to dig, swim, and climb, it is incredibly difficult to make your property entirely secure. However, our rat control Glasgow technicians will make short work of any infestations in your property.

Black Rat

Although there are black rats in Britain, they are incredibly rare, and many pest controllers may never come across one. Their population is very small and relatively stable.

Black rats generally come from abroad, usually making their home in the port towns where they arrive. However, some of these rodents will venture further inland.

If black rats do settle upon your property, they can quickly increase their ranks. A breeding pair can produce anywhere from 40-70 young in a year, eating just about any organic material that they come across.

Local and Effective Service

One breeding pair of rats within a property is a problem. However, they can quickly multiply, meaning that suddenly you are facing a high-risk infestation. In order to avoid disease and property damage it is vital you get in contact with our rat control Glasgow office as soon as possible.

Our company is committed to developing a unique strategy for each and every pest situation which we are required to resolve. Our technicians will come up with a plan which responds to your individual situation and requirement in order to guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

Rats are intelligent and hardy survivors. Having the right equipment is only half of the battle. Our rat control Glasgow personnel have the practical experience required to gain an in-depth knowledge of rat behaviour which is vital when it comes to dealing with them effectively.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to pest control, and as such will offer advice on how you can avoid repeat infestations after the initial problem is dealt with. We can carry out preventative measures and safeguards in order to thoroughly protect your property.

Our company complies with all relevant legislation in our treatment of all pest species and are in full compliance with the standards of the British Pest Control Authority (BPCA). All of our work is effective while remaining safe, ethical, and environmentally responsible.

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